College sophomore and totally amazed at how much has changed since last year. Let's see I've:

-Found a new identity as a Christian in a way I didn't before
-Met new people
-Dealt with new stresses
-Plan to take new chances
-Fell even more in love with the beautiful friends & family in my life
And I'm pretty sure life will keep changing in new ways but that's ok. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting the hang of it.
I hope you are too. If you're not, let me know. PEACE!


My anxiety has just been at an all time high lately. It really sucks telling people I’m an anxious person & knowing they don’t get how intense the anxiety & depression can be or the fact that I call myself an idiot at least once a day it seems & I am always on edge in the midst of any change. I can’t just “let go” or “not care”. I need things to be done correctly & perfectly & if not that means that something’s wrong that means that I’M wrong & I need to fix whatever it is. Being an RA is getting way too stressful too quickly. I can never just make something that needs to be fun, fun when it’s all this shit due at the same time. I just want to fast forward to the middle of the year when all this anxiety is a memory.

When you see your reflection, and you’re not happy with what you see, shift your focus from your face to your heart because it isn’t about you. It’s about what He is doing in you.

LB | From Her, To Her (via yesdarlingido)

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RED: I love your blog it's my favorite!

ORANGE: I wish that we could get to know each other.

YELLOW: I see you on my dash but we never talk...

GREEN: I think you're really cute.

BLUE: I hate your blog (but i don't want to unfollow).

INDIGO: We have so much in common let's be best friends!

VIOLET: I can't stop thinking about you.

BLACK: I'd (gently) fuck the shit out you.

WHITE: Who even are you and why am I following you??

AQUA: You're cool dawg.

PINK: You're my ultimate tumblr crush!